Meeting called to order at 7:20pm on July 11, 2016

Old Business:

  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Major expenses that are coming up: Fully funding the TARC summer camp and matching funds for the S4 Summer Camp
    • Total expenses are approximately $800
    • Gives enough parts for a plethora of rockets
  • Last Launch on June 25
    • Highest on an A Competition
      • Not many competitors
      • Chris won the altitude competition
    • Shot a bunch of TARC rockets
      • Chris won the TARC competition
    • Shot a 2017 TARC competition rocket
      • Rocket behaved as expected according to RockSim

New Business:

  • Launch Site
    • WVU Ag. Farm will be unavailable for the next launch due to corn
    • Currently seeking an alternative launch site
      • UHS
      • WVU Agronomy Farm
  • TARC Summer Camp
    • July 19-21
    • Will build a commercial rocket and a TARC rocket
    • Will focus on the transition pieces necessary for the TARC competition
  • S4 Summer Camp
    • July 25-28
    • Focus on utilizing the Raspberry Pi Sense Hat sensors
    • Currently have four teams signed up for the camp and may offer an additional camp during the school year
  • Rocket Launch on July 30
    • Duration Launch on A, B, or C engines
    • Rules is the longest in the air wins
    • Need to confirm with the Farm, may move to UHS
  • Rocket Launch on August 27
    • Follow the Leader Competition
    • Specs will be sent out soon
    • Should be launching at the Farm
  • Rocket Launch on September 24
    • Harvest/Equinox/Pumpkin Theme
  • Rocket Launch on October 29
    • Pink Launch to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month
    • Fundraiser for breast cancer awareness
    • Suggest $5/launch

Meeting adjourned at 8:20pm. Next meeting will be held at Black Bear on Evansdale on August 8 at 7pm.

Meeting Minutes are available in PDF format here.