Meeting Minutes - February 9, 2015

Meeting called to order at 7:15pm on February 9, 2015
Old Business

  • Prior meeting minutes
    • Minutes were reviewed
    • Motion was passed to accept the prior meeting minutes
  • Past rocket launches
    • Launch did occur on January 17
      • Many TARC teams came out, several qualification flights were made
      • Ricky Beamer successfully completed his level 2 launch
    • The last launch on January 31 was scrubbed because of the cold temperatures
  • T-Shirt Order
    • First order being sent in on February 9
  • Student Memberships
    • 2 essays were submitted
    • The organization voted to give junior memberships to both

New Business

  • Meeting Change Proposal
    • Instead of having organizational meetings every month, change it and have organizational meetings every other month and have outreach/workshops on the other months
    • Survey was taken:
      • Outreach meetings for TARC – several times a month prior to the beefed-up launch schedule in the winter/spring
      • High-Power Rocketry 101
      • Proposed to meet on the off-months at the NASA facility
    • A motion was made to change the meeting schedule
      • Discussion was proposed to try it the schedule for six months and then reevaluate the schedule
      • Proposed to preschedule the workshops and have a RSVP system
      • If there is a specialized topic then may have a meeting at someone’s house or elsewhere with the small subset of members
    • Motion was made to accept the changing the meeting schedule as outlined
      • Motion was unanimously passed
    • The next meeting will be held at NASA ERC and be on the topic of HPR 101
  • Grant Recipients
    • With the donation we were able to sponsor a number of TARC teams through registrations, launch equipment, engines, etc.
    • Another donation was received and will be able to sponsor many more teams throughout the state
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • The current balance is $99.01
  • NAR Safety Grant
    • Proposed orange safety vests for RSO and LSO, easy-up tent for launch area
    • Sending someone to safety training
    • Aaron has volunteered to research safety equipment
  • HPR Engine Order
    • There is a form on the website for bulk engine orders. Order will be placed February 20.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35pm.
Next Workshop will be at NASA ERC on March 9, 2015.
Next board meeting will be on April 13, 2015.

Meeting Minutes in PDF format