Meeting Minutes - Jan. 9, 2017

Meeting called to order at 7:15pm on January 9, 2017
Old Business:

  • 2016 year in recap
    • Membership has grown to largest number
  • TARC
    • Reminder to all of the TARC resources available at
  • January 7 Launch
    • Launched at Laurel Fields despite the brutal temperatures (temperature at the field was around 10 Fahrenheit)
    • Had 4 rockets launch with several TARC practice launches
  • January 9 Mentoring Session
    • The NASA ERC had a successful TARC workshop today
    • Students found the event useful to go over everything and put rockets together
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Currently not sure what sure the balance is in the account. Have underspent allocations for rocket camps and only deposits have been made

New Business:

  • Treasurer Nomination
    • Nomination was made for SarahEllen Beamer to be treasurer
    • SarahEllen Beamer was unanimously elected to be treasurer
  • Launch Procedural Changes
    • New launch start time will be 10am-1pm for the remainder of the TARC season due to cold temperatures
    • For all upcoming launches, if you are planning to launch please RSVP with the RSO prior to the launch
    • RSOs will have access to the key to the Laurel Fields launch site and will know the procedures for opening and closing the gate
  • Upcoming Launches
    • MLK, Jr Day, Monday, January 16 – Launch at Laurel Fields
      • Todd Ensign is RSO
    • January 28 – Launch at Laurel Fields
      • Ed Pill is RSO
    • Presidents’ Day, February 20 – Launch at Laurel Fields
      • Jamie Ford is RSO
    • S4 Camp, February 24 and 25 at NASA
      • RSOs will be club members in attendance
    • March 4 – Launch at Laurel Fields
      • Chris Tennant is RSO
    • March 25 – Launch at Laurel Fields
      • RSO TBA
    • TARC Launch, April 1 – Launch at Laurel Fields
      • RSO TBA
    • Final Launch, April 2 – Launch at Tennant Farm
      • RSO TBA
  • Community Outreach
    • Launch proposed for May 20
    • Invite the community to come and launch soda bottle rockets, club members can launch low power rockets
    • Start advertising on May 1
  • TARC Team Idea Sharing
    • Ideas to increase their booster mass and lower their CGs include:
      • 3D print the engine mount and fin canister to add necessary mass
      • Lead/heavy centering ring
      • Metal retaining ring with the ability to add magnets of different mass
    • Fin attachment location
      • Inch or slightly more above the end of the aft end of the rocket
      • Using through-the-wall mount
    • Transition attachment location
      • General agreement is to attach the transition to the booster instead of the payload section
  • Motion was made for the club to purchase a FireFly Field Data Display
    • Motion was passed to reimburse Ed Pill at the next meeting

Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm. Next meeting will be held at Black Bear on Evansdale on February 13 at 7pm.

Meeting Minutes are available in PDF format here.