Meeting Minutes - Feb. 13, 2017

Meeting called to order at 7:25pm on February 13, 2017
Old Business:

  • Membership Report
    • No update
    • Reminder to pay your dues
  • Treasury Report
    • Currently have $2,833.22 in the account
  • Launch Report
    • Launch was successful
    • 8 TARC teams launched
  • S4 Update
    • Camp will be March 18-19
      • Will be at NASA IV&V on March 18
      • Will meet at the launch site (Laurel Fields) on March 19
    • Room available for 8 teams to participate
    • Teams will learn how to solder, basic programming, and data processing

New Business:

  • New Potential S4 Platform
    • Ardusat
      • Ardusat contains sensors for Luminosity, Temperature, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, Ultra Violet Light, Infrared, RGB Light
      • Options for the future of S4 because if you pay for it the company will run your test code in space, this could be an extension of S4 
  • TARC Summer Camp
    • Proposed delaying the TARC camp until August
    • Basic camp would be an introduction to rocketry, designing rockets in RockSim/OpenRocket, then build a TARC rocket
    • Tentative summer camp dates is August 4-6
  • Laurel Field Launch Site Update
    • RSVP with the RSO prior to the launch, see website calendar for information
    • RSOs will need to arrive slightly early to unlock the gate
    • Participants and Club Members – Do not arrive early. If RSO has not arrived do not block the entrance or any nearby driveways.
  • Upcoming Launches
    • Monday, February 20 at Laurel Fields
      • Jaime Ford is RSO
    • Saturday, March 4 at Laurel Fields
      • Chris Tennant is RSO
    • Saturday-Sunday, March 18-19, S4 Camp
      • NAR Members in attendance will be RSO
    • Saturday, March 25 at Laurel Fields
      • Jamie Ford is RSO
    • Saturday, April 1 at Laurel Fields
      • Holtzers are RSO
    • Sunday, April 2 at Tennant Farm – Final 2017 Season TARC Launch
      • Chris Tennant is RSO
  • Open Forum
    • Chris Tennant opened up a discussion on helicopter recovery
      • Helicopter recovery is one of the four approved recovery methods (tumble recovery, parachute recovery, streamer recovery, and helicopter recovery)
    • Public Outreach Event
      • Will likely be in May or June at the WVU Farm

Meeting adjourned at 8:40pm. Next meeting will be March 13 at 7pm at Black Bear Burritos in Evansdale.

Meeting Minutes are available in PDF format here.