Meeting Minutes - March 13, 2017

Meeting called to order at 7:15 pm on March 13, 2017

Old Business:

  • Membership Report
    • We have members and quite a few still owe
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Three membership dues paid
    • Ricky purchased supplies for S4 camp
    • Net balance is $2668.89
  • Small Satellites for Secondary Students (S4) Update
    • 8 sets of Raspberry Pis, Sense Hats, and Camera Modules have been received (supplied by the Space Grant Consortium)
    • Other parts have been purchased by the rocket club
    • Saturday will be at NASA IV&V in Fairmont
    • Sunday will launch from Laurel Fields, break for lunch, and data processing at WVU’s White Hall
  • Launch Reports
    • February 20 Launch
      • Launch was beautiful
      • Many successful launches, a few losses
      • Two qualifying launches, several test launches
    • March 4 Launch
      • Launch weather was beautiful
      • Recovered multiple rockets from trees

New Business:

  • Community Centered Launch scheduled for May 20 at the Ag. Farm
    • Have the community build water rockets with team members launching low power rockets at the Ag. Farm
    • Estes Alpha 1, Balsa Machining Services School Rocket, or similar is another option (low-cost beginner’s kit)
    • A motion put to the club to spend $300 and was seconded
      • Motion passed for the club to spend up to $300 for the event
    • Need a committed group of people to be at the launch, set supply list, schedule, advertisements
    • Need to ask permission to utilize the classroom facility
    • 9-noon launch window
    • Building rockets from 9-10:30 am
    • Launch the rockets from 10:30 am-noon
    • Facebook group will be created for the event as well as a press release
  • Upcoming Events
    • March 19 at Laurel Fields
      • S4 Launch, all are welcome to attend, will be meeting at 9:30 am at the fields
    • March 25 at Laurel Fields
      • Jamie is RSO
      • High Power Launch (last of the spring season)
    • April 1 at Laurel Fields
      • Holtzers are RSOs
    • April 2 at Tennant Farm
      • Tennant’s are RSOs
    • April 29 at Ag. Farm
    • May 13/14: TARC Nationals
    • May 20 at Ag. Farm
      • Community Launch
    • June 24 at Ag. Farm
    • July 22 at Ag. Farm
      • Travis is RSO
      • Launch coincides with Mon. County Summer Snowflakes
  • Potential Launch Site
    • Plum Run near Mannington
    • Chris spoke with owners and they are willing to host us
    • There is approximately 800 feet to anywhere, cannot use it during the summer during crop season

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm. Next meeting is April 10 at 7 pm at Black Bear Burritos in Evansdale.

Meeting Minutes are available in PDF format here.