Meeting Minutes - April 10, 2017

Meeting called to order at 7:05pm on April 10, 2017

Old Business:

  • Treasurer’s Report
    • $2292.51 in the account
    • Recent expenses include S4 camp expenses and repaying Kevin for his time and supplies
  • Membership Report
    • No update
    • Only around 25 paying members but 50 on the list
      • Idea to up the paying members is to send out an invoice when dues come due. Can send the email out to everyone (emails are on file)
  • S4 Camp
    • Camp was a big success for all 10 teams involved
  • Soccer Field Thank You
    • Big thank you to the Mountaineer United Soccer Club for allowing us to launch at their site this winter
    • Did have an incident with a local farmer on the last launch. The farmer owns the property that borders the farm.
    • If the soccer club allows us to launch next winter we need to go door-to-door talking to everyone about what we are and what we are doing
  • Final 2017 TARC Launches
    • Sunday launch went well but needed more NAR members at the launches (over 30 launches)

New Business:

  • Congratulations to North Marion High School Team
  • Motion to sponsor NMHS at the $500 level
    • Discussion – pump the amount to $600 to cover the hotel costs
    • No further discussions or issues with the $600 funding level
    • Motion was passed. Check was written to the North Marion High School Rocket Club
  • Motion about membership with NAR = WVROCK
    • Reciprocal membership with the national organization every year
    • Need to enforce our own rules for non-members paying $5 per launch at club launches
    • Discussion point: This would require an update to the bylaws. Would require a one-word change to the bylaws.
    • Motion passed unanimously
  • Fund Raising
    • 50/50 Fundraiser at Meetings
    • Playing-Card Fundraiser
    • Bumper Stickers with Club Logo
      • SarahEllen and Ricky will research this more for the next meeting
  • TARC Camp
    • Proposed camp is August 4-6. Evening of August 4, all day and evening August 5 and 6
  • Summer Launches at WVU Animal Farm
    • April 19 – Launch Cancelled
    • May 20 – Community Launch (See below)
    • June 24 – Holtzers are RSOs
    • July 22 – Wells is RSO
    • August 26 – Fords are RSOs
  • Community Launch Event
    • Launch at WVU Farm
    • Invite community to come and build and launch rockets and water rockets
    • A flyer will be developed and sent out to members
  • Cool Rocket Stuff
    • John brought several boxes of rocket parts to donate to the club to use as we see fit for club launches, camps, and part sponsorships
  • Club Holtzer submitted an Engineering Notebook to TARC
    • Engineering Notebook winners will be announced at TARC Finals

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm. Next meeting will be May 8 at Black Bear Burritos on Evansdale at 7:00 pm.

Meeting Minutes are available in PDF format here.