WVRocketry utilizes two different launch locations depending on the season. WVU Animal Husbandry Farm on Stewartstown and the Grant Town HPR site.

WVU Animal Husbandry Farm on Stewartstown:



Grant Town Launch Site:

  • From I-79, take the Downtown Fairmont Exit #136. Head into town and get on Route19 North via Adam's Street by the courthouse.  
  • Follow 19 North to Rivesville.
  • In Rivesville you will pass the Marathon gas station and Rivesville Pharmacy.
  • Turn left at next road (County Rd 17).  Travel about 4 miles bearing right at the split in Baxter.
  • Cross the one-lane bridge and turn left at the Grant Town sign. (This will be the second sign you will have seen marking the way to Grant Town.)  This road is mostly gravel.
  • Travel about one mile and turn right onto the property.  We will be at the top of the hill.  Park on the left-hand side.
  • Caution:  This private road can require 4-wheel drive when we have had considerable rain/snow.  Parking at the bottom is permissible, and the walk in is not hard. 
  • Parking is at your own risk.  These rockets are unpredictable in their choice of landing sites. Some rockets will be heavy and can damage roofs, hoods, etc.