WVRock August Launch - 7 Rockets... and a Balloon!!

WVRock August 2014 Launch

Mylan Park, Morgantown, WV, August 30, 2014 - Something was different at the monthly launch event for the West Virginia Rocketry Association.  Numerous rockets were in attendance for the event, but in addition, there was a special guest appearance by a balloon.
The balloon and a test launch of one of the rockets are part of a joint effort between the NASA ERC, WVU Physics Department, Morgantown Learning Academy, the SCIENEERS home school group, and the West Virginia Rocketry Association to engage more young students in rocketry projects.  Please see the separate articles "Local Groups Implementing S4 Pilot Project" and "Local S4 Pilot Project Marches forward - Rocket Test Launch and Balloon Flight" for more details of S4 and the balloon launch.
During the launch event, seven rockets of all different configurations were launched.  These included a first time rocket by one person, a cluster engine rocket, and two NAR Level 1 rocket launches.