Local S4 Pilot Project Marches forward - Rocket Test Launch and Balloon Flight


Mylan Park, Morgantown, WV, August 30, 2014 - At the monthly WVRock launch event, participants in a student pilot project utilizing a curriculum called Small Satellites for Secondary Students (S4) developed by Sonoma State University, Tripoli Rocketry Association’s AeroPac prefecture and the Endeavour Institute were on hand to integrate, test, and fly several portions of their project.
A successful test launch of the rocket that will eventually carry the two pilot S4 payloads was accomplished today.  During the test launch, a dummy payload of rice, which matches the S4 payload in terms of mass, was successfully launched and returned.
In addition, the team successfully launched the two pilot S4 payloads aboard a cardboard box gondola payload bay attached to a helium filled weather balloon.  The weather balloon was then retrieved with both of the payloads executing successfully.  During the flight, one of the payloads streamed telemetry to a computer on the ground via the Wi-Fi local area wireless networking technology.  Both payloads successfully recorded data from their sensors onto onboard solid state memory cards.  This data was later viewed on the ground, and further analysis will occur.  Sensors and components carried aboard the payloads included a Global Positioning System receiver, barometric sensor, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, accelerometer, magnetometer, solid state memory card data logger, and Wi-Fi transmitter.