S4 Projects Soar


Mylan Park, Morgantown, WV, October 12, 2014 - During the summer and early fall, two veteran West Virginia student rocketry teams have been working on an advanced rocketry payload project called S4.  S4 is an acronym for Small Satellites for Secondary Students and was developed by Sonoma State University, Tripoli Rocketry Association’s AeroPac prefecture and the Endeavour Institute.  Through S4, educators can build experimental payloads to fly on tethered weather balloons and/or rockets, enabling students to participate in the thrill of experimental design and implementation. The S4 program has created a hardware platform and software libraries that are documented in an educator’s guide and associated videos.
On this day, the two teams got to see their payloads launched on a rocket built specifically to carry the S4 payloads.  The students received telemetry data on computers from their payloads in real time and also recorded the data for further analysis.  Data collected included GPS time and position data; temperature, humidity, and air pressure data; and acceleration and magnetic field data.  This type of project exposes the students to real life science and engineering processes and environments.